Kuza Sacco Society Ltd
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Vision, Mission, Objectives and core values


To be the leading institution providing sustainable financial services to its members.



Empowering its members economically.



We are guided by the cooperative objective which are:

  • Promote the welfare and economic interests of our members
  • Voluntary and open membership;
  • Democratic member control;
  • Economic participation by members;
  • Autonomy and independence;
  • Education, training and information;
  • Co-operation among cooperatives.



  • ACCOUNTABILITY- This is by being transparent to all our members and the team and taking responsibility of any action or activity done.
  • INTEGRITY- We exercise honesty in all lines of our duties.
  • EFFICIENCY- We deliver our services as quick as possible and loan approvals in 24hours.
  • RELIABILITY- We are our members’ partners at all times when necessary.